31 março 2014

Torre Eiffel faz 125 anos

125 anos da Torre Eiffel
a revista LIFE premiou esta...

Luís Barreira, a teacher and visual artist in Lisbon, Portugal
«Many of the #EiffelTowerLIFE photos were lovely. Many of them felt romantic. Many of them were clearly taken by people who adore both Paris and the city’s most powerful emblem. But Luís Barreira’s picture of a skateboarder in mid-flight — with the Eiffel Tower beautiful and ghost-like in the background — celebrates the famous landmark in a way that feels utterly contemporary. It’s a wonderful photograph, filled with energy and perfectly poised — with the skateboarder’s arms outspread, like wings, and every element drawing the eye up, up, to the distant tip of the great tower itself. Simply put, it’s the picture we liked bestin LIFE

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